After a tangible eternity, today, we finally launch our new website 🚀 Codename: 'blood, sweat and tears' 🤘 Check us out at:

Being stuck with an existing codebase is a nightmare? For @molily it is a great way for improving his coding skills. See here why:

In case you missed it: Our developer @schnittchen replaced ordinary test setups with setup pipelines using and shows how you can, too:

I just toyed around with some @daslabor fellows and LED panels. Since I am working at #imgly, a @9elements company, I just had to put our logo on it. An Arduino nano was too slow, but ESP8266 does the job. WiFi / #MQTT support is planned. :)

Tools: xtensa-lx106 toolchain built with esp-open-sdk, #ESP8266 Arduino, Adafruit GFX, PxMatrix, makeEspArduino build scripts, a NodeMCU v2 board, and a 32x16 P10 RGB panel.


Just in time for the black weekend, we redesigned and launched the new web page for MA-TEA. :b3:

Check it out with the link below:

Hey there, the new issue of XR News is out! 👓 This time we cover the VIVE X accelerator program, AR investment leaders of 2018, the Voices of VR podcast and a lot of interesting research and learning recommendations.

Find it right here:

If you're interested in more, just visit our newly redesigned website at

Have an awesome day :)

Hey there, in case you missed it: Our own Eray Basar published an article on how we build a rooftop from crypto money in the heart of Bochum this summer :)

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