So happy that people are using stories, even see a few federated ones 😁

How do you like the new stories? Anything we can improve? #pixelfed #askFedi

@dansup about Stories: i miss polls (i guess will ship soon?), ability to add text (colors foreground + background), and maybe a set of simple gifs?)

I think giving the accessibility for creating content to people from a web browser would be just neat! Otherwise they need to know complicated programs such as Kdenlive and it takes a lot of time and effort to create content. This will effectively boost Pixelfed and the fediverse 😊

@dansup also, does Stories federate with the rest of the ActivityPub software? I guess it's just content (after all). It would be nice to treat them as posts, but show them differently (as Stories) on Pixelfed instances.
Also, having a posibility to setup visibility option on the Story, but default it to "only-followers", would be great!

All of this will improve interoperability between fediverse 😃

@admin Nope, we only send stories to other pixelfed instances. We can't treat them as regular posts to other implementations because they have aspects that they don't support like stickers, layers and embeds.

@dansup and, what about rendering it? After all, it's just a photo/video. Once it's uploaded it can't be modified either, no need to save that layer information separately.
Stories being federated in other applications as normal posts would be game changing 😃


@admin A respective marking as story at the other services of the Fediverse would certainly make sense - if it can be realized that way.

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