We tried our best, but robots at aka won't give our account back. That's why we have something cool (maybe even rad) coming up, which may change your view, forever..


Due to Instagram glitch, our account is impossible to access, even though login via Facebook says accounts aren't linked. But Instagram says no account found with that email, and username does not belong to any account

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Willkommen bei Ruhr.Social, eurer Mastodon Instanz für alles rund ums Ruhrgebiet. Wir wollen eine Plattform für Tech-Liebhaber, Nerds und Gründer sein und uneingeschränkten, werbefreien und sozialen Austausch ermöglichen.

Viel Spaß :)

Welcome to Ruhr.Social, your mastodon instance for everything regarding the Ruhr area in Germany. We want to be a platform for tech-lovers, nerds and founders of small businesses and provide an ad-free and social place to talk for you.

Have fun :)

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