Upcoming SOFTWARE products and projects this year.
Firstly NEW Website
#1 @Viddla_@twitter.com
#2 @Neattybads@twitter.com MS (includes @BadsStore@twitter.com )
#3 @copper_chat@twitter.com (possible subproduct of Viddla)

| We're currently going under internal reorganization.
Games: 2022 | Videos: when its done!

Goodbye, startup friendo. Thanks for great service! ❤️
3 hours remaining, expect some outdated websites to be down.

(oh also we updated our site, also feel free to use assets, fonts, js, css from cdn.bads.team kthxbai)

I see what you're trying to do. My password is the value of pi with 1337 at the end

Huh. No more new @Twitter@twitter.com integrations then...

It's fun being locked out... @facebook@twitter.com
Especially when you need to provide data to someone who ALWAYS fails to protect it properly...
We sent a very nice pic...

"Stick with Twitter" they say...

Have fun being locked out your accounts! ;-)
Proudly, yours @Twitter@twitter.com

bads.team/ultrapage ;)

RT @bads_tm@twitter.com

Should there be a bads.tm hosted Mastodon or everyone just should remain to use (very trustworthy) Twitter for whatever (dumb) reason? (they definitely won't and doesn't hold and lock your account like a ransom or a hostage just for a phone number)

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Sysadmins: "It's secure because it's in a container"

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Hey Vanillo, your embed still doesn't have option to watch on your site, and not through the embed right? What about buttons? You know you won't grow without the share button on embed. After all, it makes you sustainable, right?

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Nigerian prince scam "2.0" except the fact we block our self our services so it will be inaccessible in Africa (We're not racists, It's just likely it will be only abused, that part of the world is a bit too extreme)

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I'm creating an archive of the annotations for all youtube videos posted in the comments
I'll link a directory with the annotation XML on the 15th.

Please RT to help me get as many videos as possible

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To clarify on the "War" video: This video was monetized for the first few days and got a ton of views. It was demonetized in the past day, and the realtime views have thus far been slashed by about two-thirds.

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Tinfoil Emp Here.

Interesting how the only uploads on my channel this year "confirmed" not suitable for advertisers happen to be the ones where I'm specifically criticizing YouTube.

Also interesting that when they apply this status, the videos get significantly less views.

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Not calling this a scandal, BUT Google quietly fixed its Home Alone Again ad to get rid of a bad VFX job on the Pixel 3 in the original version.

First image is yesterday. Second image is now.

Video was switched without a full reupload or loss of views. Must be nice!

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Mumkey Jones appears to have been just the start.

At this point it's just a matter of time before YouTube places a hit on all of us.

Evidently they are no longer restoring channels once they are deleted. Not sure YT will be a viable option for much longer to be quite honest.

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