What if I told you, you can buy stuff
from upcoming bads.tm apps using supported Google Play billing-payment methods

We're currently switching email provider (@ProtonMail@twitter.com 😏), and some people might experience some issues when it comes to our services
We will also be getting more servers to expand our network, and also will start funding more groups and individuals in the next few coming months.

Inside the mail it mentions second and nearly completely different email
Both use @ GMAIL , but the biggest problem is. @Google@twitter.com has no humans. Like seriously it's like they develop scripts, and don't maintain them at all, just leave all support to 100% robots and AI

Nigerian prince scam "2.0" except the fact we block our self our services so it will be inaccessible in Africa (We're not racists, It's just likely it will be only abused, that part of the world is a bit too extreme)

Hey @Viddla_@twitter.com
Umm... Make sure to link to this instead of actual app page for now...

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bads.tm premium - 1$ / 1€ (gives features for any other bads.tm service)
Viddla BFF - Now it's 4.99 (not 9.99 $ / 9.99 €)
(New) Viddla Ultimate - 9.99 $ / 9.99 €

Hmm. What's the difference..?

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It's amazing that YouTube terminates someone's channel for being associated with Mumkey Jones, but gave Peluchin Entertainment zero consequences for murdering his own cat live on camera.

The worse part is...

He bought two more kittens.

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This crazy new EULA (unity3d.com/legal/terms-of-ser) even bans distribution of Unity games through stores they don't authorize, then provides a list of authorized services, which doesn't include any stores! twitter.com/zapakitul/status/1

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I'm creating an archive of the annotations for all youtube videos posted in the comments
I'll link a directory with the annotation XML on the 15th.

Please RT to help me get as many videos as possible

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@TechCrunch@twitter.com @JoshConstine@twitter.com It’s about tIme to treat those social platforms as any bar or association would be treated if found to host repeatedly illegal activities within its spaces or associates.

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PayPal, Patreon, etc., kick people off their platforms for not having the correct opinions.

The New York Times, the worst blog on the web, calls for banks to limit access to defense technology.

The root problem is clear: people do not truly own their own money.

Thus, Bitcoin.

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YouTube can be a soul-crushing place. I'm tired of feeling like my worth is directly tied to the performance of my channel. I'm just so tired

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To clarify on the "War" video: This video was monetized for the first few days and got a ton of views. It was demonetized in the past day, and the realtime views have thus far been slashed by about two-thirds.

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Tinfoil Emp Here.

Interesting how the only uploads on my channel this year "confirmed" not suitable for advertisers happen to be the ones where I'm specifically criticizing YouTube.

Also interesting that when they apply this status, the videos get significantly less views.

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