Peertube has scripts that allows you to upload a complete YouTube-Channel to a desired peertube account.

That way, you can also automatically mirror YouTube-Channels to a PeerTube Channel, from e.g. your laptop.

You don't have to own the instance, you just need an account on that instance.


Boost appreciated :) cc @Framasoft

@fruechtchen I really want to do this, and I have ~300 GB empty space on my server... so I could actually mirror a bit.

Although there's no #nixos module for peertube yet, right? That would be a requirement for me...

@musicmatze @fruechtchen
Probably not easily built either, they seem to use yarn. yarn2nix is currently deprecated as far as I know and node2nix doesn't have great yarn support.

@fruechtchen @musicmatze
Although I do believe this is useful, I hope people won't use it to commit massive copyright infringement by mirroring videos without permission. The last thing needed to promote fediverse services is the stigma of piracy attached to it.
What peertube needs are actual content creators. That would really improve fediverse acceptance and adoption. Also we need to figure out a way to get those people payed.


@ck @musicmatze

I have at the moment the permission of, let me count, 5 different youtube channel/content creators (popular ones who publish good content), so i think asking persons is much more successful than more content creators.

One of those Accounts is - gaby weber seemed really interested in an youtube alternative.

But yes, i think a stigma of piracy wouldn't be that good.

@ck @musicmatze

btw: i'd be interested to mirror one of the above mentioned youtube channel to your instance if you create one. (i try to spread the content among many instances to improve decentralization)

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