We all love critical exceptions / failures which are thrown with "noooo" error messages ^^

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I'm already hating the usage of mutable borrows in . 😈 Got already a feeling i need them isolated in small, cheaky functions for not influencing my immutable code if possible.

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Started a new experimental project based on programming language some days ago. I'm writing a simple rpg based on the "dead simple fantasy" ruleset. Almost implemented the simplest game logic. In the next days i will define interfaces.

Agile Software engineering.

We could also describe this in our company as meeting disaster. Always have 1-2 hour coding until we got interrupted by another meeting.

Last working day before weekend starts 😎

Currently watching documentations about the last years of Donald Trumps's presidency. This is pure entertainment.

Never forget to look on your software quality. Its a hell if you are working on a feature and you get 3 urgent bugreports which have to be fixed.

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I've never used #ArchLinux, but I've benefited from their wiki times beyond count.

Thanks ArchLinux users! You folks have great #documentation!

I'm currently experimenting with google's technology + . I'm a little overwhelmed about these new interfaces. But i got my first example working.

We are currently evaluating if its a good replacement for standard REST-Interfaces.

Its planned our software network will moved into the google cloud platform.

Managed to configure runit, bspwm and neovim 😎 even sharing alsa+screen with an external tv device works. is great!



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