the actor who plays homelander really manages to make every act of drinking milk uniquely grotesque and menacing

implementing some of the concepts from in WebGL and js. Here's a rendered approximation of CIE XYZ colour. It's a little off right now, and the effect is too much smearing of the center white to the edges.

I'll try to write up more in a blog post tomorrow, and hopefully publish the code.

Neat talk by on changes in design thinking. Check out the book "how to speak machine"

with at giving a talk on taking on new tech

- react, elm, Haskell: new, nonstandard tech
- all risks: no ecosystem, learning curve, hiring
- controlled experiment: low-risk project, get it into prod, expand or back out
- react rewards: less bugs, maintainable code, grow as devs
- elm rewards: move quickly w/o breaking, reliable front-end, grow as dev
- Haskell rewards: easier to maintain complex biz logic, less runtime errs

Noise-adaptive compilation
Using reported gate/qubit error rates to improve runtime accuracy

- not just limiting circuit depth, but prioritizing qubits and connections based on measured error
- scaffold to IR, then uses smt and error data to optimize final openQasm output for given day
- smt scales to 72qbits, hoping heuristics based will scales to 1000s
- improvement over qiskit

- T1 is modelled as hard cutoff, not exp decay

Oh crap he's back.
That duck must have been underwater for *minutes*.

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Splitting CNN for better efficiency

- split CNNs into tiles across GPUs, less memory on/offloading
- costs in quality of model, changes semantics
- mitigate with stochastic splitting, regularizes data
- some scheduling to see where cost of splitting vs time of offloading

"Split-CNN: Splitting Window-based Operations in Convolutional Neural Networks for Memory System Optimization"

BitTactical : combined approaches to improve NN computation by skipping zeros

Frontend, scheduling
- "fill in" weights of zero with non-zero weight/activation muls
- previous efforts searched anywhere in pending muls, restricting depth/breadth of search improves perf

Backend, not as clear on this:
- bit serial comp allows to focus on specific bits, precise mul
- smaller granularity 8 vs 16 bit results in less mul due to sparse bits

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Mega-microfluidics: speculative WACI talk about scaling up micro-fluidics

- parallelizing boards
- routing and data-movement is extremely expensive in terms of time, have to pipe from board to board
- cross-contamination and isolation of fluidic experiments

CORF: using compiler, µ-arch, and graph-processing to improve perf by reducing register use on gpu's

- reduce register reads by packing multiple logical registers into 4byte physical reg
- big problem is what reg's can/should be packed
- collect some info at compile time, used during exec
- modified 2-coloring alg to maximize packing

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