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Enjoyable talk on "hoard", most influential paper award. Presented at asplos 2000.

It all started with Cilk...

This is super cool, DeepSigns is a watermarking framework for deep learning models.

Authenticating distributed DNN trained models, verifying that x model is *my* model.

- wm still detectable through tuning and pruning of model
- lower false-pos/neg compared to other similar works
- API allows usage on top of existing learning/training frameworks

X-container approach to container platform'.

Unlike docker, containers run on small exo-kernel which enforces isolation, and containers are compiled as single-process with Linux as "libos".
Allows better isolation than docker, with less reqs on hardware (clear cont needs nested VM support).

gVisor seemed to add more overhead, but not sure.


CloudSeer: Collecting queue data and training DNN to predict QoS violations ms in advance, pinpointing critical microservice and allowing mitigation.

me reading rust code:

The "ffi" ligature makes all the other glyphs look t h i c c


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