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"You're talking to yourself again"
—me, this morning, to myself

at the hanging of a beloved bard, the executioner tries to placate the crowd by asking if they have any requests:


me to myself, while eating tupperware mush identifiable only as "leftovers": *munch* my body is a temple *munch munch*

Do people who grew up with loving vegetarian parents just like smell salads and get thrown into some childhood nostalgia? Same question for heroin? sweet new version of ardour. I'm mostly psyched about the grid/snap UX changes. I still don't know how grid was supposed to work in 5, hopefully new UX is easier for me to pick up.

Dance like only a few people are watching and they have paid good money to see it and also you really need the money.

Software is like an onion. If you open up the inner layers you start crying

where I rewrite a small haskell paper (ghosts of departed proofs) in rust

There's this myth that if you modularize and encapsulate code enough, it's just the same amount of maintenance as no code. That or the myth that adding code that may or may not be used is less than the cost of rewriting it once you know it will.

Most of my time spent in a new codebase is ignoring more and more code until I understand the general idea. Most of the time spent debugging is adding back that ignored code until I find where the bug lies. Both would be eased by having less code.

Am I the only one that has never found the builtin(1) manpage helpful, as it does not explain any of the builtin command syntax or semantics. Want to learn what `trap` is and how to use it? Too bad, all you'll learn is that csh says "No" next to it.

The speaker weirdly kept anticipating and addressing my own incredulity at mobs and people agreeing on things, as well as bringing up the difficult things like mistakes made and the people hurt by the protestors and seems to present them honestly as things that are still being worked on.

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I was surprised at the new methods of coordination effective at grouping and safely dissipating massive crowds, even with the threat of police listening in, as well as the improvements over previous protests, specifically the unifying around a single principle (5 key demands, not 1 less).

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I've caught pieces of this, but this talk paints a surprisingly concise summary of the hong kong protests considering the amount of material covered. It incorporates the history of protests in hong kong, the politics behind it, as well as tools and techniques the protestors have developed. The talker gives first-hand accounts, quotes, and videos.

Second post on a series of me exploring and trying to explain parsing methods. This time, I stumble my way through recursive descent parsing:

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