My MacBook needed a repair. I could have used a @9elements backup machine but instead I've tried to work on Windows/WSL2 for two weeks. This was my experience:

Complete Audio Editor in the browser. Thanks for making it possible to ditch Audacity for "just editing a sample":

Be sure to checkout the source:
and the blog post:

We hope that all of you have a good start into the week. Due to the a project planned to start in April is postponed and we have some open design and developer slots. Ping us if you want to build something awesome:

Stay healthy

Allen und Vollidioten, die denken, dass das doch eigentlich alles gar nicht so schlimm ist sich von Nazis wählen zu lassen lege folgendes Video von @twitkalk noch mal ans Herz:

"Ex-SPD-Chef Sigmar Gabriel wird Aufsichtsrat der Deutschen Bank – und wehrt sich gegen Kritik an seinem Wechsel in die Wirtschaft. Er werde auch in Zukunft nicht anders denken und handeln als vorher."

- öhhm ja stimmt eigentlich

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I don't have a lot of experience in #Golang, can anyone who does take a look at this code and help me figure out why its memory usage goes up to 12 GB when exposed to traffic.

I've used pprof to try and figure it out, seems like NewImageOps is staying allocated, but I'm not sure why. I sure call Close() on it...

If you're ever tired of Redux verbosity try MobX State Tree for state management! So much cleaner.

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Ende des Jahres ist Spendenzeit. Wer es sich leisten kann: überdenkt mal wo ihr spenden wollt, und wo ihr was bewirken könnt. Einmal im Jahr zwei Stunden recherchieren ist gut investierte Zeit.

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Stop 👏 Using 👏 Facebook

So many reasons, why you should consider closing your #Facebook account. Here is a nice documented list:

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is there anything special I should worry about when running a long running Rails database migration (>1h) on heroku (postgres)?

Lesung: "Wann endlich grasen Einhörner an der Emscher?" im ruhr:HUB in Essen.

From 23rd-27th of September there will be the startupweek:RUHR

I'll host a "Lessons Learned" session on 24th of September at the @9elements office starting from 5pm (open end). Please register for the event with the following link:

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