@sippndipp @raucao nice write-up on an interesting topic! I am not following the defi world that much. we should actually talk business there some time...

But I'd also say the article would have much more trust and value if it would not simplify the PoW vs. PoS topic (stating that PoW is destroying the environment) and state it as the great
that just a way too big topic in itself and can not be simplified in such a one-sided sentence.


@bumi @raucao OK ok I got it :-) Mastercard and Visa are spending electricity as well. You should take a look at sablier.finance it's IMHO the most interesting product right now.

@sippndipp @raucao
no it's not the point that other things also consume electricity....

sablier.finance sounds interesting. are you following the bitcoin lightning network?

@bumi @raucao sure I think the bitcoin ecosystem developed some steem as well. We should definitely talk business more.

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