#Misskey has to be one of my favourite federated platforms. Unfortunately, the developer is facing extreme financial difficulties (including loss of internet access) and Patreon is currently their only source of income.

If financial support is infeasible, an encouraging message is always greatly appreciated!


Black Mirror episode: A man gets popular on twitter for eating a kit kat differently and it becomes his entire primary identity.

Ghostwriter is a minimal and distraction free editor for Linux and Windows (there's a macOS beta too).

I put it on full screen with dark theme and focus mode on. When I want to go gung-ho I also enable Hemingway mode which disables the backspace key.


What kind of unix shell are you using on a day-to-day basis?

@JPEG Also a search can't be edited once you left the search text field

@JPEG I can't seem to be able to add multiple pictures to a toot via the camera feature. Could you take a look at that?

I’m already annoyed by all the Ads they are filling up my inbox

InPRNT: 15% off and free shipping with the code THANKFUL. Use the code IVCBJG as well for an extra 10% off.

They do art prints, including framed and acrylic mounted, and canvas prints. I recently added a bunch of my traditional art here, as well as several pixel art designs that aren't available elsewhere.


#pixelart #traditionalart #BlackFriday #BlackFriday2019 #mastoart

@spacekookie are you still working on github.com/rust-db/barrel ? Are you using it in production? Is there a roadmap?

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