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Warum wird immer noch so viel über die LucaApp geredet?
Schaut euch doch mal die RecoverApp. Die gibt es schon viel länger und die ist nicht fake-OpenSource:


Trump's new social network is preparing to launch... look familiar?

I advise you get on blocking the below domains.

You knew it was going to happen.

Boost it far and wide!


A Pseudo-Intellectual Comment Generator for Men - by Penny Guisinger - FOR USE ON SOCIAL MEDIA, ZOOM, AND REPLY-ALL EMAILS.


Here is a great talk about transitional Apps by Rich Harris:

Thanks @nolan for bringing it to my attention.

@sippndipp I know, you're already pretty much sold on SvelteKit but you this talk will be a great watch anyway.

Last night we had a small internal hackathon where we learned some
- we ❤️ it so far! We took some React components and ported them to Svelte to see the code side by side.

This is what we learned: 👇

I did it again!

I replaced a (scattered over different modules, triggered by different HTTP endpoints) implementation by a different one t runtime, by introducing a feature toggle that would set a flag on newly created entries, which would divert to the new implementation.

Now that it's live for a couple of hours I can remove the old stuff, remove the diversion and the toggle and clean everything up.

Feature toggles are great!

Alle 11 Minuten lässt sich ein Model für Paarship fotografieren

Es soll also in den nächsten N Jahren der Anteil der Elektroautos auf nahezu 100% steigen, während nicht zu erwarten scheint dass die Gesamtzahl der PKW abnimmt (auch wenn ich das für echo sinnvoll erachte).

Bislang scheint die Idee zu sein, dass wir alle unser altes Auto verschrotten und ein neues kaufen.

Wäre es nicht _wesentlich_ umweltfreundlicher umzurüsten?

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