„Taadaaaa…“, da ist die SPD mal wieder umgekippt.

Die #Bundesregierung beschließt den #Staatstrojaner für alle Geheimdienste

Alle 19 Geheimdienste von Bund und Ländern dürfen demnächst heimlich Geräte hacken. Die Bundesregierung hat einen entsprechenden Gesetzentwurf beschlossen. Lange hatte die #SPD Bauchschmerzen, jetzt ist sie #umgekippt.


I'm homeless with 0 income.

The next payment for my storage (32€ every 4 weeks), which holds the last few valuables that still haven't been taken from me, will bounce and I might lose the last bit of what I have.

Everything I make, I release for free as a matter of principle, so if you have spare cash it'd be really nice if you could help out.

I can receive money via bank transfer (DM for IBAN) or get recurring donations via patreon:


(boosts welcome)

Work at Google. Work at Facebook. Work at Palantir. Heck, work at Phillip Morris or Exxon Mobil or Halliburton. But don’t you dare be proud of it. And don’t you dare tell me you’re working to bring about a better world for everyday people. Don’t you fucking even dare.

🇩🇪Die #Vorratsdatenspeicherung der Telefon-, Mobiltelefon- und Internetnutzung hat in keinem EU-Land einen messbaren Einfluss auf die Kriminalitätsrate oder die Aufklärungsquote, so eine neue Studie: patrick-breyer.de/?p=593219


Another unexpected socialist: Lizzie Magie, who invented the board game Monopoly.

Magie was more accurately called a Georgist, which is kind of a proto-socialist movement in the US that advocated for working people to own the full value of what they produce and hold land in common, rather than have private property.

She called Monopoly "the Landlord's Game," and it demonstrated how private property robs from the poor and enriches owners.

The Parker Brothers (like the actual brothers) screwed her out of a patent by buying it from her for $500 and printing a small run of the Landlord's Game to secure the patent. Meanwhile Charles Darrow was falsely credited as the game's creator and he became a millionaire.

The anti-monopolist messages within the game were stripped out. A round of play that showed how all players could prosper if resources were shared was eliminated, and the game became winner take all.

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Prisoners are now eligible for the $1200 coronavirus relief check. PLEASE click this link, print out copies, and mail it in to ANY prisoners in this state. The deadline is Oct 15.

Let’s help our friends behind bars get their coin ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Porta & Bella, from the Spritely Project - @spritelyproject is so cuuute - and is one of my favs for its promising features. :blobaww:

Kudos to @davidrevoy for drawing the lil' characters, and thanks to @cwebber and whoever is helping him build Spritely! :ablobcathappypaws:

Don't know wtf I'm talking about? Check: spritelyproject.org

Or watch: conf.tube/videos/watch/18aa2f9

Liebe Grüße aus Oberhausen an alle hier. Es ist spannend, beim Start eines neuen, dezentralen Netzwerkes mit dabei zu sein. Ich bin auf die weitere Entwicklung gespannt und hoffe auf viel Basisenergie und möglichst wenig Kommerz.

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