Decentralisation begins at decentring yourself.

• Corporate vs human futures and topologies

• Big Web vs Small Web (and web3 vs web0)

• Decentralised and decolonial approaches to technology

This morning’s talk at the University of Southampton.


@aral The visuals are amazing! May I ask how you create your presentations?

@sphinxc0re Thanks + sure (been meaning to blog it, just haven’t had time). Nutshell:

- Atem Mini Pro to Streamyard to Owncast.
- Overlays: in on green background. Green-screened on camera via macro fired via Stream Deck using companion app
- Screen: green wallpaper, greenscreened again via macro
- Also using vicreo listener to control steamyard via stream deck

I think that’s the summary. Camera is Sony a6400 with 1.4f sigma lens.

@sphinxc0re (To align the overlays, I have the system running with the presentation machine presenting from slides.con while I edit on my main machine on – I get a slightly delayed live view in my Atem multiview.)

Hth :)

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