#askFedi kennt jemand eine kompetente #Psychiatrie-Praxis im Großraum #Stuttgart, die Erwachsene mit #ADHS behandelt und in den nächsten Monaten noch Patient*innen annimmt?

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I'm sad to share the news of the death of Corey Marion, one of Iconfactory's founders. Corey was a terrific guy and a very talented artist and I had the honor and privilege of working with him professionally for over 13 years. He'll be greatly missed. 😢 iconfactory.com/corey

#Bitcoin is a Ponzi because it's not economically productive (as in being a system generating products or services) and because a person's gains are just the buy-in money of another person coming in later. This is not a complex argument.

@Dee I’m also having trouble reaching my dream ambassador to file a complaint. It’s probably because of all the other depressed people out there…

@tbachner @mardor webp support wurde wegen zu vieler Probleme aus Mastodon entfernt. Evtl kommt es wieder rein:


I really feel the future of transportation is less Tesla and more electric bikes and powerful public transit.

The amount of things that can be done is amazing.

Wenn der Augsburger Staatsschutz im Kinderzimmer steht

Janika ist 15, als plötzlich der Augsburger Staatsschutz in ihrem Zimmer steht. Weil sie bei Fridays for Future mitmacht, gerät sie in den Fokus. Es folgen weitere Durchsuchungen.


@zdfmagazin diese Woche war ganz okay. Eigentlich ganz witzig. Na gut, ich hab mich schon ordentlich amüsiert. Ich bin einfach fan von ordentlichen Journalismus und weniger von Klamauk…

Why strawberry jam is the worst to pair with peanut butter on toast.

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mastodon dot green is classic techbro shit with greenwashing. :blobchef:
buying indulgences doesn't cut it buddy

I wonder what happened that it got to this point… must’ve been a very hard time or the loss of a close friend 🤔

The Icebreaker Borealis for this same project! It's pretty much space Las Vegas, except that one of the premiere attractions are the ubiquitous mech pit fighting arenas, which already puts it miles ahead of regular Las Vegas
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For the “In Golden Flame” Lancer mission, which you can find below!

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