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If you are into css and fun, pls follow @heydon
He is a person that exists on the internet and is cool (as in shoes, not as in Antarctica)

I'm gonna get myself one of those "home-on-a-stick". I heard they are way better than regular homes and they taste great 😋

Meine Nachbarn habe gestern Abend bereits die Weihnachtsbeleuchtung installiert. Das ist echt toll. #afdverbotJETZT #fckafd #haltdiefresseafd

Bitte teilt diese tolle Kunstwerk.

Yeah, svelte@next (aka SvelteKit) is the bee’s knees.

I’m just playing around with it but I can’t imagine the actual index page of being all that more complicated than the few lines of code in the screenshot. The other screenshot is a quick prototype of the domain picker component.

While their focus is on so-called “serverless”, I’m interested in seeing how it can be used for #SmallWeb (where you own your own server) :)

#svelte #SmallWeb #SmallTech

Urgent advice needed, Germany, COVID-19, boosts (+++) 

My friend (mentioned in the thread below) had a layover in Frankfurt. During the layover she tested positive for COVID-19. She had to reschedule her flight to Namibia, and was admitted to a hospital for treatment.

She is no longer in need of urgent medical care, and so will be released from the hospital soon. Due to the looming lockdown and her positive test result it doesn't look like she will have anywhere to stay for the remainder of her quarantine period (at least 10 more days).

Are there any facilities in or around Frankfurt set up for patients who test positive for COVID-19? English language searches don't yield much, and advice from someone who knows the local situation better at the moment is urgently needed.

She has already contacted the US embassy, who weren't able to offer much assistance.

Advice from someone who knows the situation better needed urgently! Boosts highly appreciated.

Original Post:

Das #fediverse in der aktuellen C't. Eine Artikelserie ist wohl auch geplant :mastoblush:

Took me a moment to see the hidden Easter egg in this one... 😆

♻ RT

Women and other people who might need abortions in #Poland have sustained attacks against their rights again and again, and will not stop fighting for their right to abortion care. We stand with them every step of the way.


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