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Right now the fediverse is nipping at the heels of the silos.

They know we are here, and they perceive us as a threat. We know this from leaked emails from facebook.

That said, they could attack us in an oblique manner with any number of poisoned waterhole attacks.

Earlier today someone predicted one or more of those platforms just integrate activitypub and crush us by incorporating us.

Another pointed at the potential for procedurally generated instances that just harvest data, or overwhelm our ability to suspend all of the instances they throw up.

When these attacks are adapted to... they'll get concerned, and will try to frame us as part of "the dark web(tm)"...

That's how we'll know we're winning.

I'm here! #35c3 Who would like to meet?

Sorry that I am so difficult to contact, all I have is really crappy wifi here.

Und nun unser @zaolin der seinen Vortrag "OpenSource Firmware - Eine Liebesgeschichte" auf dem #35C3 hält:

Wer es gestern verpasst hat: Unser @zaolin und sein Vortrag "Open Source Firmware - Eine Liebesgeschichte" findet ihr zum Nachschauen: #35C3 #OpenSource #Firmware #OpenSourceFirmware #coreboot

My first mastodon posting. Well...let’s see how this will work out

Pixelfed federates now! 🎉

Merry Christmas fediverse. #pixelfed

Ich hätte jemand für mein Ticket der bräuchte aber noch ein Ticket für sein Kind . Hat zufällig jemand ein Up-and-coming Ticket über? Oder weiß wie man an eins herankommt? #ccc #35c3 #ticket

Achtung, Selfie in Weihnachtspulli 

An die ganze Ruhr.Social Familie:

Frohe Feiertage! ❤️

The New York Times reports Facebook gave Microsoft, Amazon, Spotify, Netflix, Apple, Yandex, Yahoo and others far more access to users' data than previously admitted, including access to private messages:

There is never going to be a better time to #DeleteFacebook, the violations are only going to get worse.

If you know someone who wants to try alternatives and needs a simple non-technical guide, try sending them this:

(via @bobstechsite)

While we're on the subject of busting pseudoscientific scams:

Homeopathy is 100% scam. It's part of the predatory capitalist 'alternative therapy' industry, and one of its most common faces.

These are literally placebos- sugar pills. There is no hyperbole, no exaggeration or rhetoric to this statement. It is a value free description. They are sugar pills, with at most a negligible quantity of whatever stated substance is in them.

Save your money. Save your time. Save yourself a lot of grief.

first steps on Mastodon. One step further away from Fb 😃

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Viel Spaß :)

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