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How did you (first) sign-up on #Mastodon?


2 people are currently working on an #opensource federated #reddit alternative, called #lemmy.
They need some open source #developers to help them enable the federating function.. #activitypub

BOOST to help development...

Finished the #Commdore64 Reloaded MkII build with live switching between 6581 and 8580 SIDs. Ultimate II+ setup with JiffyDOS. Old kitchen TV makes a semi-portable system 💪 #WimpysWorld

me: hi, I'd like to buy a Magic Bullet

Bed Bath and Beyond employee: ooh, looking to make some smoothies?

me: no, I need to kill a devil.

BB&B employee: [pulls lever disguised as a bed frame, secret door opens up to the "beyond" section] follow me.

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Hallo - ich bin Martin und neu bei Mastodon. Derzeit versuche ich noch, mich hier zurecht zu finden..

Keine Werbung mehr in der Post: Wie Amsterdam 6.000 Tonnen Altpapier spart! - In Amsterdam findet man keine „Bitte keine Werbung“-Sticker an den Postkästen, sondern welche mit „Bitte Werbung“. In der Hauptstadt der Niederlande darf nämlich nur dann Werbung in den Postkasten gelegt werden, wenn man das ausdrücklich will. Dadurch spart die Stadt jährlich 6.000 Tonnen Müll.

Waiting for the plane to board. I had such an amazing time at . I wish everyone a safe travel home and I hope to see you folks again next year. Take care.

Was unsere Gesellschaft spaltet:

▸ Lohndumping
▸ Wohnungsnot
▸ steigende soziale Ungerechtigkeit
▸ Klimawandel
▸ CumEx-Betrug in Milliardenhöhe
▸ Rassismus
▸ Fake News & Verschwoerungstheorien

Was laut CDU/CSU und FDP unsere Gesellschaft spaltet:

▸ Vermögensteuer
▸ demonstrierende Schüler
▸ Satire-Lied von Kindern

This is amazing! I just learned something about tangential art 🤯

Selfie EC 

Hungover, sleepy, ...

That’s what I call a successful 🥳

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