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Das #SchauspielhausBochum bietet zwei weitere Streams an :)
- Ödipus, Herrscher (Lesung) 14.01. 5€
- Penthesilea 24.01. 15€/10€ ermäßigt


Gibt es eigentlich eine Peertube-Instanz (oder eine andere fediversefähige Installation), die es ermöglicht, Videos von zu abonnieren bzw. im #fediverse zu verteilen? #rc3


Kollege Christian aus dem Nachbarlandkreis hat einen Zettel an die Tür gehängt, der viral geht. 👍🏻 Er hat ausdrücklich das retweeten erlaubt und freut sich über Unterstützung, denn auf FB wird er von Trollen überrollt. #proImpfung


I've been working with Ruby for the past ~4 years and have felt the pain of a (somewhat) missing type-system. To me RBS feels like a crutch and is not going to "fix" the problems Ruby's type-system has.

Ruby doesn't really have a type-system: Any thread in a Ruby process can just monkey-patch and override all types, pulling away the rug under your feet.

I believe that Crystal had the right idea at the right time: Rebuild the whole thing and do it right this time.

I watched Ready Player One recently and wrote down a few of my thoughts about it. TL;DR - fun but shallow, with a frustrating centrist political perspective.

Nice new feature on @plausible! Get an email when there's an unusually high number of current visitors on your site.

This spike was caused by someone influential sharing my article on Twitter and I found about it with an instant email notification from Plausible 😀

Ok let’s end this battle which is better

Okay... I'm gonna say it...


...sorry folks... I just can't stand it anymore...

If you are into css and fun, pls follow @heydon
He is a person that exists on the internet and is cool (as in shoes, not as in Antarctica)

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