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@nicod_ J'ai adoré les questions/réponse d' @heydon de sa présentation
« Tailwind c'est comme l'héroine, au début c'est super, mais c'est sur long termes que ça fait des dégats »
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re: Adult talk. 

@unfa Fight The New Drug is a religious organization that is heavily biased against porn, and it’s “studies” are unscientific and unsupported by the larger scientific community.


“The group denies a formal affiliation with the Mormon church, though as journalist Samantha Allen notes, its founders are all Mormon, and its facts rely on claims from Mormon author Donald Hilton’s He Restoreth My Soul: Understanding and Breaking the Chemical and Spiritual Chains of Pornography through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.”

“While drug abuse is perennially among the leading drivers of morbidity and mortality, the American Academy of Psychiatry has repeatedly deemed evidence insufficient that sex and porn addiction be recognized as mental disorders.”

“…when Danish criminologist Berl Kutchinsky charted sexual aggression in the two decades after Denmark and Sweden legalized pornography, the crimes did not increase in step with pornography distribution, but actually declined. This suggested to him that pornography was an outlet for sexual expression less than a driver of problematic real-world behavior.”

There is also this article from certified sex therapists:

“The largest published neuroscience study of this topic to date, as well as a series of published behavioral studies, shows that those who report problems viewing sex films do not resemble any other substance or “behavioral” addictions. According to their own website, 90 percent of FTND attendees end up agreeing that “pornography releases the same chemicals in your brain as other hard drugs” compared to 43 percent who believed this prior to their presentation. FTND is advertising their ability to successfully spread false information.”

“FTND claims they use ‘peer reviewed science and research’ to back their information. A ‘sex/porn addiction’ diagnosis does not exist in the DSM-5, which was explicitly rejected for ‘lack of scientific evidence.’”

Current run: Meeting Any%

Sadly, I haven't found any glitches yet. This thing is really well programmed.

It's really wonderful for a laptop manufacturer to include the proper screwdriver in the package.

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👉Impfhotline 0800 9988665

17.000 freie Termine für ERSTIMPFUNGEN bis 15.8.

Bitte wieder weitersagen👍


Urgent! TW: assault and trans misogyny


Kit has been attacked by her roommate, misgendered, and is currently in prison because of wrongful charges filed by her roommate. Bail amd immediate housing are vital for her, as her… More safety is as risk. Please contribute and amplify as much as possible!

We're trying to raise at least 150 for bail funds.


Anything you can send would be extremely helpful.

Cash app: $yesinia1

Looks like there have been 4.23k installs on the first day of the new app!

source code, C crimes 

#define 👇 { #define 👆 } #define 👉 ( #define 👈 ) #define 👏 ; #include <stdio.h> int main() 👇 if 👉 5 > 1 👈 👇 printf 👉 "Hello!" 👈 👏 👆 else 👇 printf 👉 "Oh no!" 👈 👏 👆 👆

Come to work with us at @torproject We are looking for Rust developers and have other positions open

I like the idea of projects having a , a "Benevolent dictator for getting started". It's what the bevy[1] project does. This way you get the project started and on it's feet so that when the community takes over and makes cooperative decisions, the core vision is already baked into the project.


Boost this if you want to be part of an explicitly anticapitalist technology liberation movement. Na? Wer kann es beantworten, ohne den (guten) Clip gesehen zu habe? Followerpower und so 😬

Spionagesoftware „Pegasus“: Journalisten und Aktivisten ausgespäht

Eine internationale Recherche enthüllt: Geheimdienste vieler Länder überwachen mit der israelischen Spionagesoftware „Pegasus“ Medien und Aktivisten.
Spionagesoftware „Pegasus“: Journalisten und Aktivisten abgehört

Gibt mal wieder ein LGBTQ+ Wahlumfrage zur Bundestagswahl 2021. Macht doch mal mit: 🏳️‍🌈

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