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Just started season 3 of . It's great. Feels a little bit like it's going to be about 🤔

But I'm still on E2 so no spoilers please 🙏

Jetzt leiste ich mir auch einmal eine Umfrage, einfach weil ich mir über die gegenwärtige Stimmung im #Fediverse nicht schlüssig bin. Wäre toll, wenn ihre euch beteiligen wolltet.

Welcher Begriff trifft die gegenwärtige globale Situation am Meisten❓

nazis in the fediverse, domain block recommendation 

the admins of have swastikas in their profile.

One of the admin has a swastika in the profile (see picture for dokumentation):

and the owner boosts stuff with clearly visible swastikas. See picture for proof.

Also another regular user: has on their profile "Mein Kampf fanfic basically" and the username contains a reference to Adolf hitler.

#fediblock cc @fediblock

Heya Fedi! Need help with computer repairs or maintenence? Tips? Questions? I can help with both modern and older systems if need be but it'll have to be remote because of transportation issues. I can list my certifications if need be on request. I'm not currently charging for this but tips are appreciated!
:boost_ok: :boost_requested:


> FDP-Chef Lindner will trotzdem eine "vorurteilsfreie" Debatte über Atomkraft. Seine Koalitionspartner sehen das anders.

...und wollen lieber vorurteilsbehaftet debattieren?

Beschämend wie Journalisten solchen durchsichtigen Manövern auf den Leim gehen.

So ein krasses Fazit nach ein paar Tagen:

„Wirtschaftswissenschaftler hätten davor gewarnt, die Politik habe es aber nicht hören wollen.
„Der Tankrabatt ist nun vertan.“

3,1 Milliarden, die wir auch in den Ofen hätten stecken können.

Oder in drei Monate länger #9EuroTicket 🖖🏽

Okay let's go: Hey I'm kassi or Isabel - a (queer ADD) Illustrator from Germany. New here but not so new on the internet. Please feel free to stay and spend some time with me. I tell stories through images, love pastel colours and fierce characters.

Let me know if we might already know each other :artaww:

Twitter is starting to block some instances of Mastodon... Spread the word!

Refering to future potential when faced with criticism of web3 or blockchain or climate change is a form for denialism.

Die Welt rast immer schneller auf 1,5°C zu. Es gibt immer neue Klimakatastrophen, aber auch fossile Abhängigkeiten, die @OlafScholz aufbaut. Nun spricht er Menschen, die dagegen kämpfen, ab, sich ernsthaft zu sorgen & vergleicht sie mit Nazis.

Molly White, a 28-year-old software engineer, documents the failures of the cryptocurrency industry on her blog “Web3 is Going Just Great.”

@Gargron Is Mastodon going to be upgraded to Rails 7? Seems to me like Rails is becoming a single-purpose Framework for DHHs company now that Webpacker is not supported anymore. What are your thoughts on this?

P.S. Shakapacker looks like a cool successor though:

Hi fediverse! Boosts appreciated on this one.

I’m part of a co-op building a platform for artists to sell art without getting exploited. I’ve been working on it for a while but there’s a lot of work to do and I could use some help. A ton of the main features are in place, but there’s still some big gaps and a lot of polish left before it can launch.

The platform is fully open source and developed in the open. It’s built on Phoenix/Elixir and Tailwindcss. Our co-op is already incorporated and established and it’s open to members that want to actually commit but you don’t need to be a member to contribute or help.

Does this sound interesting? I’d love some help! I’m also happy to answer questions. And no, you don’t need to know Elixir already. It’s pretty easy to learn for the things you’d be using it for. Even some design help would be welcome. Feel free to reply here or DM me!


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Hypertext Markup Laubstein empfiehlt:

Mastodon ist ein soziales Netzwerk. Es basiert auf offenen Web-Protokollen und freier, quelloffener Software. Es ist dezentral (so wie E-Mail!).