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reading that aita about the father of the trans boy, whose bridezilla sister persisted in misgendering her nephew at her wedding, and having some thoughts 

there is something deeply, irredeemably evil about cisheteronormative culture and the patriarchal tools it has created and weaponized against humanity: the "sanctity" of marriage, the commercialization of weddings, the authoritarianism of parenthood, the cult of the child

the sinister, destructive, controlling ritual of "gender reveals" goes without saying.

the "bridezilla" is a subtly patriarchal tool; women are denied agency and then "granted" one (1) day of complete control over not just the event, but over the lives of everyone around them, and in cases like this it manifests as a reification of patriarchal authoritarianism

sometimes patriarchy perpetuates itself by weaponizing its victims into its footsoldiers.

anyway the straights are not okay

but what do i know, i'm just a transsexual who is extremely tired and high on milf pills at midnight

as god is my witness i will never, ever stop thinking about the kickstarter commercial for the phone case that dispenses espresso

Hey Fediverse, I need your help!

I am currently looking for a high #performance #notebook which works reliable in #hot #conditions like hot #summer days. It does not need to be the most #slim or #portable machine since I am going to use it at a #desk 90% of the time.

It also needs to be #supported by #Arch #Linux, i.e. by the latest Linux #kernel.

My research so far points to #AMD hardware (CPU and GPU), but I am curious if any of you has some experiences to share.

Boosting appreciated! :)

Crypto-idealists: so you could have a concert ticket that couldn’t be resold for more than face value! Smart Contracts!

Me, an ancient: but can it be transferred for free? Because here’s my site where you pay me $300 and I transfer it to you for free. Or if it must always be resold for, say, $75–pay me $75 in smart contract and $225 in Visa that the smart contract never sees.

I’ve lived through DRM, kids. Humans will break your unbreakable thing 6 ways in a day.

I have things to say about text input design. They will be in a video on soon. Good time to subscribe.

💬 Das #Fediverse hat angeblich KEINE große Reichweite, deshalb werden viele hier nicht aktiv.

▶️ Lasst uns den Skeptiker*innen das GEGENTEIL beweisen!

Boosted und sternd bis die Zahlen glühen... 🚀

Wir sind VIELE und haben RELEVANZ! ✅

Just started season 3 of . It's great. Feels a little bit like it's going to be about 🤔

But I'm still on E2 so no spoilers please 🙏

Jetzt leiste ich mir auch einmal eine Umfrage, einfach weil ich mir über die gegenwärtige Stimmung im #Fediverse nicht schlüssig bin. Wäre toll, wenn ihre euch beteiligen wolltet.

Welcher Begriff trifft die gegenwärtige globale Situation am Meisten❓

nazis in the fediverse, domain block recommendation 

the admins of have swastikas in their profile.

One of the admin has a swastika in the profile (see picture for dokumentation):

and the owner boosts stuff with clearly visible swastikas. See picture for proof.

Also another regular user: has on their profile "Mein Kampf fanfic basically" and the username contains a reference to Adolf hitler.

#fediblock cc @fediblock

Heya Fedi! Need help with computer repairs or maintenence? Tips? Questions? I can help with both modern and older systems if need be but it'll have to be remote because of transportation issues. I can list my certifications if need be on request. I'm not currently charging for this but tips are appreciated!
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