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Periodic reminder that Gitlab still doesn't have any semblance of a working notification system.

You'd think it'd not be that hard to just do what Github has done since forever...

@tbernard Thanks for your great post "Doing Things That Scale" [1]. Since I read it in January I stripped down many customizations. The fish shell is awesome 🙂

You wrote that self-hosting is also a thing which isn't scale. What is your personal solution to that? Do you use mainly commercial services?

Currently I try to get rid of (Calendar, Contacts, Drive). My first thoughts were to go with an Raspberry Pi or an Synology NAS.

[1]: blogs.gnome.org/tbernard/2020/

I want to get rid of services (Calendar, Contacts, Disk).

Is a Synology NAS a good step in the direction of and ?

@lunduke in your Linux Sucks 2020 Edititon [1] you asked for the meaning of systemd logo?

I think it's creator @tbernard can answer you every question about it 😉

And there exists a very good site to explain the systemd brand [2].

[1]: lbry.tv/@Lunduke:e/LinuxSucks2
[2]: brand.systemd.io

Installing Fedora 32 on my MacBook Pro Early 2011.

Lieber 11.056.511 Kitaplätze schaffen 🧒 statt zu retten: lufthansa.lol

Lieber 180.000 Windkraftanlagen mit 10kW bauen 💨 statt zu retten: lufthansa.lol

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Does anybody knows a good music player for iOS which can play music from the Files.app or Nextcloud?


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@juliobiason @loke Make an static import an you can write


Save a few spaces in that line 😉

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Wow. Mit "Die neuen Zwanziger" starten Stefan Schulz und Wolfgang M. Schmitt einen neuen #Podcast, der das nächste Jahrzehnt monatlich in der Tiefe be- und durchleuchten will.


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RT @_Adora_Belle_@twitter.com

So. Bevor hier wieder Halbwahrheiten laufen erkläre ich euch mal, was #compassionateuse ist, was es mit der #Gentherapie von #SMA auf sich hat und warum es keine "#Überlebenslotterie" ist.
Wen's interessiert: Ich bin mit der Herstellerfirma nicht assoziiert.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/_Adora_Belle_/stat

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Sonos sucks so hard. We should be building software for hardware, not the other way around. Don't buy Sonos (it was overpriced and too much of a vendor lock-in anyway, but this makes it even worse).


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Does anybody knows a good music player for iOS which can play music from the Files.app or Nextcloud?


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