I want to get rid of services (Calendar, Contacts, Disk).

Is a Synology NAS a good step in the direction of and ?

@timkrueger I'd not recommend using synology (I think it is proprietary) for those services. I don't put much trust in their security updates or their software in general. For calendars and contacts it should suffice to set up a DynDNS ona raspberry pi with #yunohost or #freedombox running on it.

@mray What I really like on the Synology way is the easy an automatic disk handling (SHR, RAID) with ready to go hardware.
My idea is to use Docker on the NAS and avoid the Synology software packages.

Or is there an user friendly way to build a NAS with an Raspberry Pi and multiple disks?

What I forgot to say: I want mainly use Nextcloud Hub.

@timkrueger if your goal is to use a raid storage, a NAS would be the best solution after all, I guess. Raid and good IO isn't exactly where the cheap single board computers shine probably. (I'm no expert :P)

@mray I have a long history with self destroying disks 🤪

So I want a solution for replacing defect disks easily without much manual effort.

Thanks for your input 🙂

@ss @nextcloud Either way, I want to use Nextcloud.

A Synology makes the storage stuff (RAID, failover) much more easier than a Raspberry Pi I think.

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