@tbernard Thanks for your great post "Doing Things That Scale" [1]. Since I read it in January I stripped down many customizations. The fish shell is awesome 🙂

You wrote that self-hosting is also a thing which isn't scale. What is your personal solution to that? Do you use mainly commercial services?

Currently I try to get rid of (Calendar, Contacts, Drive). My first thoughts were to go with an Raspberry Pi or an Synology NAS.

[1]: blogs.gnome.org/tbernard/2020/

@timkrueger I think it depends on the type of service and the exact use case, but yes, I think service providers with good incentives (i.e. paid rather than surveillance-supported) and good values (privacy-first, zero-knowledge where possible, minimize metadata) are a better solution overall than self-hosting stuff at home or on someone else's server somewhere.

@timkrueger Personally I've been using Fastmail for many years and I can recommend that, but I only use it for email. I don't use any services for Calendar/Contacts/File storage, so no idea what the landscape looks like there.

@timkrueger All of that said: It would be very cool if there was a completely hassle-free freedombox-style device you can just buy and set up at home.

Acutally getting that right is really really hard though, so I'm not holding my breath :)

@tbernard Thank you. I have expected an answer like that 😭

So since there is no hassle-free freedombox-style device at the horizon I will give Nextcloud on a Raspberry Pi a try. And when it NOT work I go and buy an Synology. And then I go and search for a service provider with that "good incentives" which I can trust ...


@tbernard Or I store everything offline and make multiple backups to different hard-disks. Then I need no more of those "service providers". 🤔

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