Today on This Is the Year Of Linux on Desktop, I try to install Flatpak on Majaro Linux running on the Pinebook.

“Choose a provider for xdg-desktop-portal-impl:

1: xdg-desktop-portal-gtk 1.7.1-1 extra
2: xdg-desktop-portal-kde 5.19.2-1 extra”

Man, Apple must be shaking in their boots.

#SuchUsability #WTFDoesThatEvenMeanAndWhyShouldICare

The irony of not being able to install AN APP I WROTE (Gnomit) via Flatpak because I can’t install Flatpak on this OS because I have no idea what the fuck it is asking me is not lost on me.

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@aral Thinks like that hold me back from switching from macOS to a Linux distribution.

@timkrueger Try Pop!_OS. Better yet, if you can, get a computer from System76 with Pop!_OS preinstalled.


@aral Thank you. I'll put it on my testing list:

- Fedora (I like vanilla GNOME)
- Elementary OS
- Pop!_OS

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