Today on This Is the Year Of Linux on Desktop, I try to install Flatpak on Majaro Linux running on the Pinebook.

“Choose a provider for xdg-desktop-portal-impl:

1: xdg-desktop-portal-gtk 1.7.1-1 extra
2: xdg-desktop-portal-kde 5.19.2-1 extra”

Man, Apple must be shaking in their boots.

#SuchUsability #WTFDoesThatEvenMeanAndWhyShouldICare

The irony of not being able to install AN APP I WROTE (Gnomit) via Flatpak because I can’t install Flatpak on this OS because I have no idea what the fuck it is asking me is not lost on me.

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@aral Thinks like that hold me back from switching from macOS to a Linux distribution.

@timkrueger @aral most problems that you have with Linux that you don't have with MacOS boils down to hardware driver support / tweaks. So getting hardware from a vendor that actually supports your favorite distro of Linux is your best bet for an Epic Linux on the Desktop experience.


@systeemkabouter @aral I realized that also a few weeks ago when I played around with my old MacBook Pro (Early 2011).

Some more questions from an Apple user:

- Can you suggest me an good iCloud Drive alternative?
- On macOS I'm using the really awesome banking app MoneyMoney [1]. Are in the Linux world good alternatives beside GnuCash? Also paid ones.


@timkrueger @aral As everyone in my home uses a iDevice, I set up a selfhosted Nextcloud instance and configured everyone's devices to use it for calendar, contacts and photo upload. Alas not a solution when you rely on third party apps with iCloud integration. But it works good enough for me /us. Reconfiguring everyones device was somewhat painful, but not problems since.

As for banking I use a Dutch java app called Naanab, but they only seem to focus on the Netherlands.

@systeemkabouter I struggle with self-hosting. But I like the idea. I shy the ongoing effort.

Mir currently idea is it to go with an Nextcloud instance hosted by Hetzner. I asked for opinions in an other thread [1].


@timkrueger Yes having any cloud service providing the services with e2e encryption would be ideal, I agree that selfhosting is not for everyone. I would rather not, but we need to start using FLOSS alternatives and pay for them if we can, so these alternatives get a change to grow and prosper.

@systeemkabouter You inspired me. I setup an Raspberry Pi 4 with two disks in RAID 1 and install Nextcloud now. 🙂

Currently only for testing.

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