Currently I'm using Hover for my domains. Can somebody suggest me something based in Europe and with dynamic DNS?

//cc @hund @aral

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@timkrueger @aral I use Gandi, but I don't know anything about dynamic DNS. Let me know what you find. :)



I use Pfsense and just today I switched from using duckdns to Gandi for my DDNS.

If you have a domain from Gandi you simply enter your chosen subdomain, domain, api key and TTL into the DDNS set up page within Pfsense and hit save.

Works well and is easier than I initially thought to set up.

There are many, many more options for DDNS provider within Pfsense. Eg namecheap, cloudflare, dnsimple, freedns, no-IP, Linode and many others

Check out my blog entry


@Jase @hund Thank you. I'll try it with Gandi and Pfsense 🙂

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