@tim Ich schicke später mal ein kurzes Video wie es bei uns funktioniert

@tim Genau den habe ich auch. Und da reicht das drücken des Gummiknopfes aus. Drücken und gleichzeitig das Rad abziehen.

Welches Video hast Du den gesehen?

@hund Personal advice? That sounds great 😊

This week I’m on vacation and away from keyboard. I’ll contact you next week. Is that ok for you?

@hund I hope I'm not being too annoying. Do you need more information?

@hund Thanks for your response.

TKL is my preferred size. I‘m not looking for any special features, but white LED backlight is a plus.

@hund I heard you have a meaning about mechanical keyboards 😉

I'm searching for an out of the box solution with usb-c and no special propetary software needed.

Do you have any suggestions for me?

I have my eye on WASD keyboards [1], but I'm not sure.

[1] wasdkeyboards.com/


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