If you have been joining the looking for , please consider that the far most applications and tools here are NOT build for that!

is a protocol, NOT a privacy tool. And any bad-actor would be able to mine your feeds (listed or not) for . That is not your instance's fault or your admins! It's by design.

If you are looking for a real privacy considering flavor of social networking, get acquainted with and .

@wellenreiter The link gave me "Potential Security Risk" warning.

@wellenreiter I mean you can always scrape data from the internet but at least the service its located on has no intention of serving you ads.


I think you can shoot yourself in the foot with Hubzilla, too. (Never tried Zot. Nobody seems to use it.)

If you need more privacy than the Fediverse can offer, use an end-to-end encrypted messenger like Element (Matrix), Conversations (XMPP+OMEMO), Signal or Briar.

Looks like is an alias of, but the cert is only for the second one. Ergo,

@retroartdt @HLunke

My apologies for using the "bad" link in my earlier post. @mike himself provided the far better source - with a valid certificate. The point I wanted to make clear is not that anything with would be bad. I only wanted to highlight that there are superior protocols out there since years.

"Nobody is using it". Yeah. That includes me. I simply didn't have the capacity to maintain my own hub anymore. To my own regret. I'm now on Masto because it does what it does.

This isn't a contest. All of us can communicate with each other. That's the only thing that matters.

I've had to use my Nomad clone twice this week when my main server had some minor ISP issues. I'm just thankful I can do that. I also enjoy an online life mostly free of spam and harassment.

I'm not selling anything. I kind of like having these features and couldn't imagine not having them. Shrug. No big deal.

Use whatever you want.

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