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Guter Tag fΓΌr : @htcvive@twitter.com , @insta360@twitter.com , RTX2060 laptops… so kann es weitergehen !

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Fibre:A WebGL application for visualizing 3D vector fields and dynamical systems - github.com/portsmouth/fibre

BTW we now have a job page on crossreality.news/jobs !

But of course, no new job offerings since we just started out. Maybe you know someone who'd like to share a position with us? :)

Hey there, the new issue of XR News is out! πŸ‘“ This time we cover the VIVE X accelerator program, AR investment leaders of 2018, the Voices of VR podcast and a lot of interesting research and learning recommendations.

Find it right here:

If you're interested in more, just visit our newly redesigned website at crossreality.news

Have an awesome day :)


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